The specialized drug and medical store Farmacia in Bure Centar offers a large selection of nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals, herbal preparations, essential oils, teas and local preparations such as ointments and lotions. It is different from a classic pharmacy because in Farmacia you cannot purchase a prescription drug.

For any minor health problems that do not require a doctor's intervention, we will be happy to advise you on self-treatment. Share with us your concerns about unknown symptoms, side effects and we will be happy to help you to choose dermocosmetics, vitamin supplements, herbal remedies, nutrition for your child, orthopedic supplies and footwear, medical appliances and everything you need.

When choosing medical supplies, you will receive expert advice and instructions on how to proceed properly to obtain accurate results, such as when measuring blood pressure or glucose.

On weekly basis we organize free product promotions that help you become more familiar with our range.